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Insurance agencies have long utilized CRM's that typically ran in the Windows environment. Some small upstarts would create something simple and amazing but as in any entrenched industry they were quickly gobbled up. We used one of the big management systems in the 90's called Agena by Vertifore (AMS). In 2002 we opted for a simpler more economic system known as Doris. In 2005 they were purchased by one of the big companies (Applied). The monthly cost immediately doubled.


In 2006 I went searching for a web-based alternative. There was only one, Nexsure. It was priced very high and was still in its infancy utilizing .Net technologies heavily. At this point I had already built quote tracking software for our agency and thought it would be feasible to build it out as a management system. I hit a few roadblocks not the least of which was ACORD's hefty and prohibitive membership fee I would need to fork out to learn the AL3 standard necessary to getting data from insurance companies into my management system. I figured out the simple compression method they employed and hacked together a solution on my own.


Three major upgrades later my agency still uses the web-based management system known as "method". It has Acord Forms, Download, Pending, Quickbooks export and custom reporting built in. Some people look at me sideways when I tell them I made my management system, likely they feel sorry for my agencies choice to use a feeble and inferior product to their own. I couldn't care less. I had add features at the drop of a hat as opposed to joining some tedious user group and waiting 2 years for said feature. No regrets here guys!


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