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I didn't get a computer until I was a Senior in High School. My first attempts at web design were in the days when flash ruled the internet. Every webpage had to have a loading bar. For a brief time I succumbed to the swf's siren song. Even as a visually-oriented person I found raw code to be the most beautiful part of the whole process. Thats when I realized that simplicity and beauty allowed the webs true potential to be unleashed: Build a simple design that is compelling then empower it with data.


To this day when I create a web-app I always look at what I can remove to make the design pop.


I have the same philosophy in my music. Any musician can add layers but it eventually turns into a mess. Whether im performing, writing or mixing a song I focus on what can be removed to make the song better.


My greatest talent is that I know how to find people more talented than myself to fill in the blanks. I consistently seek out people who are extraordinary and try to integrate them into my projects. If you have an interesting project you would like input on please contact me via electronic mail.




Here are a few ways I spend my day:

My Insurance Agency

My Software Company

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